HelloFresh had some fantastic recipes in the Fall of 2019! Here are six of our favorites from this meal delivery service that will get you ready for the crisp fall weather.

1. Fig, Sweet Potato, and Feta Salad

The arugula in this delightful salad blends wonderfully with the creamy figs and roasted sweet potatoes, so reminiscent of autumn. All of the flavors mix with the flavorful feta cheese and make something exceptional. The cheese and warm vegetables make this salad a small meal unto itself, and it doesn’t take long to prepare. Figs are delicious little fruits that have an impressive list of health benefits as well, such as helping to control diabetes, lowering cholesterol, and treating constipation.

Fig, Sweet Potato, and Feta Salad @hellofreshusa

2. Crantastic Turkey Burgers with Jammy Mayo and a Green Salad

This delectable recipe is a famous one at HelloFresh. Each bite delivers a perfect combination of delicious turkey and cranberry mayonnaise into your mouth, which is nostalgic for a yummy and cozy Thanksgiving dinner. Cranberries are jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, and iron. They’re also rich in antioxidants, can improve eyesight, and can protect against liver disease. Who wouldn’t want these delicious little berries around all of the time?

Crantastic Turkey Burgers with Jammy Mayo and a Green Salad @ hellofreshusa

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Why go to a coffee shop when you can make this heavenly drink at home? The nutmeg, maple syrup, cinnamon, allspice, and pumpkin all come together to warm your soul and fill your house with the unmistakable scent of autumn. Don’t be surprised if you never buy it at a coffee shop again. Maple syrup has some pretty hefty nutritional benefits, too. This delicious nectar contains numerous antioxidants, can fight inflammatory diseases, and may protect against certain cancers.

Pumpkin Spice Latte @hellofreshusa

4. Fig Overnight Oats

Oats are tasty, healthy, and a great way to start your day! This fruity overnight oat recipe will allow you to wake up and go straight to your breakfast. The figs, raisins, bananas, hazelnuts, and chia seeds will fill your tummy and keep you ticking until lunchtime. Oats offer up lots of health benefits, too, such as possibly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, controlling diabetes and cholesterol, and helping to prevent asthma.

Fig Overnight Oats @hellofreshusa

5. Quickest Crispy Chicken with Cranberry Arugula Salad and Garlic Toasts

Arugula makes another appearance on our top 6 list. And we’re not apologizing because these bright green little leaves pack in a ton of nutrition. Arugula is rich in antioxidants, can give your immune system a boost, has anti-cancer properties and even improves bone health. This savory chicken dish only takes 20 minutes to prepare – including the green salad and garlic bread – and the cranberries added at the end add an enticing oomph that you sure won’t miss.

Quickest Crispy Chicken with Cranberry Arugula Salad and Garlic Toasts @hellofreshusa

6. Apple Chips

Give yourself a healthy treat that will make your entire house smell incredible! These three-ingredient apple chips are free from any added sugars and are so much better than potato chips to eat mindlessly!

Apple Chips @hellofreshusa